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How to design bar stool size


When we buy a bar chair, we must pay attention to the importance of business needs. If it is for business operations, we should pay attention to the appearance when choosing. In general, a beautiful appearance can give people a pleasing sensation. It can improve the effect of bar operations. In addition, from the point of view of the production materials of bar stools, there are also many materials, such as leather, fabrics, solid wood, etc. These styles are very many, so the price is also very large. the difference.

Bar chair

1, bar chair material

The use of materials determines its portability, is easy to carry, is obviously wood, and of course the effect of bamboo will be better. However, if the bar owner thinks it is not suitable for cleaning, then sending plastic would be better.

2, bar chair height

The height of the bar chair should be regarded as the most important thing for the bar design, although it all depends on the height of the bar, but people have their own standards. The appropriate height is anywhere between 7 and 13 inches above the bar stool seat.

3, bar stool quality testing

Check whether the bar stool structure is firm or not: When selecting the bar stool, you can drag on the concrete floor and gently fall and fall. If the sound is crisp, it means that the quality is better; if the voice is dumb, there is noise from the buzzard. The combination of eyes is not tight and the structure is not strong.

4, bar chairs should be comfortable and able to sedentary

The first thing to look for when buying is the bar chair's modeling curve. In addition to being harmonious in appearance, the most important thing is to be comfortable. Because you will sit for a long time in the bar, you don’t feel uncomfortable when you ask for a sedentary stay. If there is an added cushion, the requirements for the cushion are not easily deformed and can be properly supported by the body, which can reduce the fatigue caused by the height of the bar chair.

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