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More and Modern People Pay Close Attention to Corner Sofa


At present, the corner sofa favored by young people, the naughty appearance reflects the trend of the figure, the smart and deep humanized design, the dazzling fresh color, the simple but not simple beauty and the dynamic combination of functions, making the corner sofa It is as clean as a breeze. Because of the constant popularity of corner sofas, more and more furniture brands have established their own corner sofa brands to seize the market. Nowadays, the corner sofa brands in the market include Allyou, Lin's Wood, Yimika, Ximengbao, Shuanghu Furniture, Ou Rui Furniture, Dalin, Youjia Youle, etc. These corner sofa brands cover the vast majority. Part of the corner sofa brand list, the corner sofa market coverage reached 75.6%.

Charles Corner Sofa

Interpretation of the sales channels of the corner sofa brands in the corner sofa furniture brand list can be found that the online sales method ranks first, accounting for 51%, while physical counter marketing accounts for 37%. In fact, it is no wonder that there will be such a high and low proportion of online sales. With the healthy development of China's e-commerce environment, the scale of online shopping is booming. Corner sofa brands such as All-Friends, Lin's Wood, and Shuanghu Furniture have all entered the major online sales platforms, especially the large Tmall platform with a large user base to promote the marketing strategy of the brand direct sales model. After all, online sales is a relatively transparent market, without the need for physical store costs, although the competition is fierce, but sometimes the price/performance ratio of products exceeds the imagination of consumers. In addition, the most important is the feedback from many buyers on the credibility of the corner sofa brand, product quality, after-sales service quality, etc., can comprehensively measure the strength of the corner sofa brand, "at a glance". Therefore, I suggest that you choose the online shopping corner. The following is a corner brand with good reputation and good sales on the Tmall platform.

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